What does TLG offer?
TLG provides small and hassle free loans at all times of the day and night. Our service is primarily online with no waiting and can all be done from your mobile. Submitting the application for  a loan is easy. Our loans are flexible enough to suit you but not so long that you get stuck in a never-ending contract.
What are the minimum requirements to apply for a loan?
You need to provide valid identification (driver’s licence or passport), proof of income (i.e. your last three (3) pay slips), proof of address (utility bill which must be no more than 3 months old), last three(3) bank statements and a job/employment letter.
Who can apply for a loan?
You need to live in Jamaica, be employed, and be 18 years or older to apply for a loan. You will need your own email address, a phone number and a bank account. If you meet these requirements, apply immediately!
Do I need to provide identification?

Yes.  A form of photo identification is required (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Do you provide business loans?
Not at this time.
What if I experience financial difficulty before my loan payment is due?
It is important that if you are experiencing financial difficulty that you let us know right away as our collections team are always willing to help. The sooner you call us the better the outcome.
Will a credit check be required?
A credit check may be required based on the loan amount.
Do I need to provide bank statements?
In some cases your 3 most recent bank statements may be required. We assess each individual’s ability to afford a loan and determine the appropriate amount for each customer based on their bank statement activity.
How much are the loan processing fees? What about repayment period?
At this time there are no processing fees.  The repayment period is dependent on the loan amount.
How long does it take to get a decision?
Our aim is to communicate a decision to you within 1-2 days of receiving your application. We are 100% online and are able to approve your application very quickly.  The more information you give us when you apply the quicker we can approve your loan.
Can I have more than one loan at a time?
Unfortunately not. Customers have to repay one loan in full before applying for another.
What are the opening hours?
We are available 100% online. You can apply and be approved within 24-48 hours.
How do I repay my loan?
This is simple. We work with your employer to set up the loan repayment through salary deductions.  We do not accept cheques or over-the-counter payments.
What happens if I can't afford my repayment?
If you think you may not be able to make a payment for any reason it is vital that you contact us immediately. The sooner you contact us the better the chance that we are able to come to an arrangement.  We always recommend that you think carefully before applying for a loan.
Can two people from the same household receive a loan?
No. Our company policy states that only one person per residential address may receive a loan from us.

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